OpenPlotter 2

OpenPlotter Starting
  • OpenPlotter Settings
  • OpenCPN installer
  • Signal K installer
  • Xygrib
  • Network
  • Dashboards
  • Serial
  • CAN
  • Pypilot
  • Docs (development)
OpenPlotter Headless
  • All OpenPlotter Starting apps
  • Acces point, ssh and remote desktop enabled.
  • Docs (development)
OpenPlotter Moitessier HAT
  • All OpenPlotter Starting apps
  • Moitessier HAT
  • I2C sensors configured for the HAT
  • Pypilot configured for the HAT
  • Signal K configured for the HAT
  • Docs (development)
OpenPlotter IoT
  • All OpenPlotter Starting apps
  • I2C sensors
  • 1W sensors
  • Analog sensors
  • IoT (triggers and actions like sending emails, twitter and telegram messages, GPIO, MQTT...)
  • Docs
Optional tools (this is not an image, just a list of extra tools that can be installed anytime on any image above)
  • Kplex
  • Signal K Filter
  • MCS board
  • OpenPlotter Apps Template (development)

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Helping us
We have developed an application openplotter-myapp which is a template with the basic structure of an OpenPlotter app with comments to make easier developing your own app or help us with any pending app. If you have python skills and want to help, contact us to coordinate.
Please report bugs adding [OP2] to the subject: