Sailing with free hardware

The open-source sailing platform for ARM computers

There are people who buy boats but there are also people who build them, why not build your own electronics too? OpenPlotter is a combination of software and hardware to be used as navigational aid on small and medium boats. It is also a complete home automation system onboard. It works on ARM computers like the Raspberry Pi and is open-source, low-cost and low-consumption. Its design is modular, so you just have to implement what your boat needs. Do it yourself.

You will need the basic parts and some optional parts. It will depend on what kind of data you want to collect, process or display and what kind of equipment your boat already has.




This is the list of current features and we keep researching...


With OpenCPN, a navigation software with useful plugins.

Weather Forecast

Download and visualize GRIB files with zyGrib.

NMEA 0183 Multiplexer

Multiplex and filter data inputs from any number of serial and network interfaces. Send and filter to any number of outputs.

Signal K (beta)

OpenPlotter is ready for Signal K, the new, free and open source universal marine data exchange.


Check the data traffic to avoid conflicts and overlaps between sources.

WiFi Access Point

Share data (NMEA 0183, Signal K, remote desktop, Internet) with laptops, tablets and phones.

Remote Desktop

Access to OpenPlotter desktop from the cockpit through your mobile devices.


Easy start without monitor.


Receive and decode AIS with cheap DVB-T dongles. Calibration tools Included.

Electronic Compass and Heel

Read magnetic heading and heel angle from an IMU sensor. Tilt compensated. Calibration tools Included.

Barograph, Thermograph and Hygrograph

From pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Save logs and display graphs to see trends.

Multiple temperature sensors

Get data from coolant engine, exhaust, fridge, sea...

Special Sensors

Detect opening doors/windows, tanks level, human body motion...

Magnetic Variation

Calculate magnetic variation for date and position.

True Heading

Calculate true heading from magnetic variation and magnetic heading.

True Wind

Calculate true wind from apparent wind and either speed through water (speed log) or over ground (GPS).

Rate Of Turn

Calculate the rate the ship is turning.

Remote Monitoring

Publish data on Twitter or send it by email.

Actions System

Compare a custom value with any data flowing through your system and use it as a trigger to run multiple predefined actions.

Custom Switches

Connect external switches and link them with actions.

Handle External Devices

Relays, LEDs, buzzers ...

System Time Tools

Set the system time from NMEA data and set the time zone easily.

Startup Programs

Select some program parameters to automatically launch at start.

Research Platform

We are continually improving it


To getting started and collaborate with OpenPlotter...